The situation of people living with albinism is alarming. Their fundamental rights are violated. They are discriminated against, marginalized because of their physical differences and, in recent years, they risk their lives because of superstitions.

When children with albinism are not directly assaulted or killed, they live in deep fear, overcome with a sense of persecution. 

Some, living in remote rural areas, are forced to stay in hiding in their homes to escape threats.

It is therefore an emergency situation that affects several aspects of the life of those children, which it is essential to explore. Awareness of this large-scale phenomenon is sorely lacking.

Our goal for 2021 is to donate 200.000€ to the Foundation of People Living with Albinism in Senegal & Africa in order to finalise the national center for people living with albinism.

Thanks to Mila 4 Africa Foundation who is guiding us in this incredible adventure.